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University of Texas football players say they will not participate in recruiting or donor events unless a list of demands aimed at racial justice​ are met


However, the players will continue to practice and play

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The University of Texas football team has reportedly submitted a list of demands to the University of Texas administration, and they say they won't participate in any recruitment activities or donor events unless those demands are met. They will, however, continue to practice and play.

The demands have been placed on Twitter by at least two University of Texas football players, and reportedly they are submitted on behalf of the entire team, although there is not yet an indication that the entire team has signed on to the demands or whether there are any dissenting voices.

Defensive lineman/linebacker Marqez Bimage was one of the players who shared the demands on Twitter.

The first demand is that certain buildings on campus be renamed, including buildings named after famous former University of Texas professors and administrators who were open segregationists like Theophilus Painter and Robert Lee Moore. The document also demands the permanent removal of the statue of former Texas Gov. James Hogg, which has been a source of controversy for years.

The document also called for additional support for racial justice issues on campus, education for incoming freshmen about the history of racism on campus, and for a portion of the proceeds of the athletics department to be donated to "black organizations and BLM movements." The document also demands that the university name "some part of the stadium after Julius Whittier (the first black football player at UT."

The document also demands that the university "Get rid of 'The Eyes of Texas' and have a new song written for us to sing. Do not require athletes to sing the song."

The fight song, "The Eyes of Texas," has been criticized as having had racist origins.

As of the writing of this article, University of Texas officials had not responded publicly to the athletes' demands.

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