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New limited edition of Uno card game promises to save your Thanksgiving from politics


We didn't realize Uno fights on Thanksgiving were such an issue.

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

Mattel is releasing a nonpartisan version of its popular Uno card game intended to help prevent politics from ruining everyone's Thanksgiving dinner.

The special edition of the game will have no red or blue cards, in order to keep anyone from using the "politically charged" color hues to launch into political tirades.

"No red or blue cards means no taking sides!" writing on the box announces helpfully. The replacement colors are orange and purple, which ostensibly have less of a political bent to them.

Even the box packaging has been changed to politically bipartisan purple.

The deck also comes with an extra "VETO" card that can be used to shut down any political quarrel that might spontaneously erupt during the otherwise peaceful game.

Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe criticized a similar move by Hasbro in 2017 to remove the "outdated" tokens on the board game Monopoly in favor of more familiar symbols.

The limited edition nonpartisan Uno card deck will be sold at Walmart for $5.99.

Here's a news video about the release:

Uno releases nonpartisan card deck www.youtube.com

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