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Vaccinated New Yorkers are asked why they're still wearing masks outside: 'I shouldn't be given the privilege to not wear a mask'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz — fresh off a video excursion in which he posed as a worker for made-up group "American Friends for Hamas" and easily convinced numerous Portland State University students to donate toward destroying Israel — set his sights on New York City and asked people vaccinated against COVID-19 why they're still wearing masks outside.

What did they say?

One woman replied, "It feels weird not to."

Another answered, "I just like it. I got used to it. I don't mind wearing it."

One guy actually told Horowitz he forgot he was wearing a mask while another masked fellow took what seemed like forever to answer the question — and then, probably wisely, replied, "No comment."

Another woman replied to Horowitz that even though she's vaccinated and outside, she feels compelled to stay masked up: "I feel like I have to wear it. I don't know why, I just want to wear it."

Yet another woman said since her friends are still wearing masks she believes she ought to as well.

"I feel like I won't take off my mask until everybody does," a different woman confessed.

A man in a tank top enjoying the pre-summer warmth told Horowitz that "there's just a lot of anxieties with taking the mask off, you know, for the first time ... it's like a social anxiety at this point."

Another guy said his desire was to "protect others, and there's still a risk no matter what" and that continuing to wear a mask "sets a visual example." He added that continuing to wear the mask is "a bit of a protest" and that "I shouldn't be given the privilege to not wear a mask."

To top it off, a woman who not only had COVID-19 and then was double vaccinated told Horowitz that her desire to continue wearing a mask stems from being "so infuriated with people who didn't wear a mask the whole year. It's like a display of 'I still care.'"

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