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'I almost died': 'Diehard vegan' quits diet after California regimen destroyed her health — 'I couldn't even function'
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'I almost died': 'Diehard vegan' quits diet after California regimen destroyed her health — 'I couldn't even function'

A self-described "diehard vegan" abandoned her activism-inspired diet after it nearly killed her, leaving her weakened with dangerously low levels of iron.

Kai-Lee Worsley said she became a strict vegan after she moved to California and revealed that she now eats at least two steaks per week after nearly dying, according to outlet SWNS.

"Do you guys remember when I was a diehard vegan and I had a 'v' tattooed in my ear and I thought that I was going to be vegan forever?" the woman rhetorically asked. "I actually eat steaks like twice a week now because I almost died," she claimed.

Worsley explained that she became vegan after she moved to California, citing that it was very "trendy" at the time and everyone was talking about it. "I don't want to use the term 'brainwashed' but I feel like it's probably the easiest term to use right now," the now ex-vegan said.

The woman described being in a constant, progressively-worse state of weakness, and said she would consistently wake up feeling dizzy. According to Wales Online, the 25-year-old stuck with the diet for over six months until the symptoms became too intense.

"I would get up and my eyes would be so woozy, I'd be seeing stars everywhere. I couldn't even function," she recalled.

Worsley said the diet caused her to develop bad acne on her face and neck, made her hair fall out, and resulted in her fingernails becoming brittle, often breaking.

"I was extremely tired all the time. I couldn't form coherent thoughts. I would just lie in bed multiple times a week and I would spend all day in bed if I could," Worsley said.

The woman said the situation came to a tipping point when one morning, she was unable to get out of bed.

"I didn't feel strong like, honestly, I felt so weak. It was like a really slow process until one day I was in bed and I was like I don't think could ever get up again," she remembered. "I came to the point where I was like I might die right now. I might die right here in this tiny apartment in this random city that I moved to."

She mustered "literally all of the courage" she could, and ventured to the store to purchase a steak. After eating, Worsley said she "immediately felt better ... it was like light and day the lights flickered on in my brain."

After visiting with a series of nutritionists and doctors, both Western and holistic, the author said she concluded that eating meat was the healthiest choice for her body.

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