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VIDEO: Protester shows reporter can of soup 'for my family' — then winks at camera. Protesters have pelted cops with cans amid Daunte Wright rioting.


Former President Donald Trump used the phrase 'soup for my family' last year to describe protesters who he said used soup cans as weapons

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @therealssgjoker

A protester in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, got a little cute with CNN reporter Sara Sidner during an on-camera interview Wednesday night amid a crowd gathering in response to the police-involved fatal shooting of Daunte Wright.

What happened?

The protester told Sidner , "I'm just standing here today with soup for my family" — and as he held aloft a can, the protester winked for the camera.

The protester continued speaking following his wink: "We're just, you know, watching this unfold; it's very unfortunate."

Sidner apparently picked up on the wink, as she inquired, "You're not planning on using that are you? Throwing it at police?"

The protester replied — this time with no wink — "Like I said, it's for my family."

"Literally for your family?" she pressed.

"Yeah," he answered.

"Alright," Sidner said as the clip ended.

The Twitter user who posted the clip included text that read, "I don't think that can of soup is for his family."

A number of commenters pointed out that the protester's "soup for my family" phrase was used last year by former President Donald Trump who described protesters who he said used soup cans as weapons. Here's a clip juxtaposing the protester's words with Trump's words:

Whatever the protester's intentions, it's likely no joke to police. Indeed, former Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon — who resigned Tuesday along with Kim Potter, the officer who pulled the trigger — said during a Monday news conference that amid a "riot" after the shooting "officers that were putting themselves in harm's way were being pelted with frozen cans ... they were being pelted with concrete blocks."

Incredibly, multiple presser attendees pounced on Gannon's use of the term "riot" and ordered him not to utter it, saying "Don't do that!" and "that was no riot!" and "it was not a riot." But Gannon stood his ground: "Yes, there was."

How did folks react to the winking protester?

While the vast majority of commenters enjoyed the protester's words and wink, a handful weren't on board with him:

  • "The fact he can probably throw that and be labeled a hero is sickening," one commenter said. "Not all cops are evil, because if they are, then all black people are criminals, and all Muslims are talaban [sic]. Only fools deal in absolutes."
  • "What an a**hole that guy is, typical of douche @cnn to promote him," another user said.
  • "Surely he'll be donating the soup to the police community aid food drive to help the poor…," another commenter said.
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