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VIDEO: Walmart shopper confronts purportedly drunken shoplifter who'd crashed into a parked car just moments before


Took him down hard

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Video captured the moment a Walmart shopper took down a purportedly drunken shoplifter who'd reportedly crashed into a car before entering the store Tuesday.

What are the details?

According to the Daily Mail, authorities arrested 29-year-old Troy K. Robinson on charges of DUI, hit and run, and attempted theft in the third degree following the Tuesday incident.

Now-viral video of the incident shows a Walmart employee attempting to stop the suspect from leaving a store with unpaid merchandise in the Federal Way, Washington, store.

In the video, the suspect can be heard telling the worker to "back up" as he continues toward the exit, apparently refusing to put down the merchandise.

A fellow customer in a white shirt who is standing by and watching the situation unfold then approaches the suspect and demands, "You better put that down before I knock you out."

The suspect refuses to comply, and the unidentified shopper can be seen deftly kicking the merchandise out of the suspect's hands.

During the scuffle, Robinson attempts to swing at the man in the white shirt, but he is quickly taken to the ground, where he is subdued.

The video concludes with a Walmart employee intervening in the situation as the man in the white shirt climbs off Robinson's back, and a dazed-appearing Robinson is able to get to his feet.

What else?

In remarks to the Daily Mail, Federal Way Police Commander Kurt Schwan confirmed the incident and said, "Robinson had entered the business and was attempting to shoplift when confronted by store employees."

Robinson, according to Schwan, reportedly "threatened to assault anyone who touched him." Schwan said, "That is when a 21-year-old male community member stepped in and confronted Robinson."

"When officers arrived, they located Robinson in the parking lot and detained him," Schwan added.

Police arrest man involved in Federal Way Walmart fistfight

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