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Washington mom turns teen son over to police after finding school massacre plan in his journal


'It's devastating. I know I did all I can do and that I made the right choice.'

Image source: CBS News video screenshot

A Washington state mother is speaking out on her decision to turn her 17-year-old son in to the authorities, after she found detailed plans in his journal for carrying out a school massacre to commemorate the anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

What are the details?

The woman, identified only by her first name, Nichole, told CBS News she felt a responsibility to call police after finding her teen's detailed plans, which included detonating pipe bombs, using multiple firearms to "blast anyone in sight," and "execute survivors." The young man also wrote that he planned to "kill self after maximum damage," the New York Post reported.

The alleged plot was planned to be carried out on April 20 of next year at his own school — College Place High School in College Place — on what will be the 21st anniversary of the mass murder at Columbine High School.

"I know a lot of people that go to College Place High School," Nichole said. "Their lives would have been forever changed." So, the mother made the only choice she felt she could make, and her son was arrested on Sept. 17. He remains detained, and his mother says she believes he is safer in jail, telling CBS, "I'm worried about his mental health, and he needs help."

The teen reportedly told his mother that the journal entries were simply creative writing, and not an actual plot.

Mom turns son in to police over fears of school shooting www.youtube.com

Nichole also said that turning in her son make her feel "Like I've done something wrong," because she loves him. She added, "It's devastating. I know I did all I can do and that I made the right choice."

Anything else?

Authorities say Nichole absolutely did the right thing. Troy Tomaras, College Place Police Chief said of the mother, "She's very courageous. It's clearly emotional for her. She loves her son." Tomaras praised Nichole's courage, and says what she did saved people's lives.

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