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Watch: Georgia police officers save father from suicide attempt


'We're not giving up on you'

Image source: Henry County Police Dept. YouTube video screenshot

A video released last week by the Henry County Police Department in Georgia shows two officers de-escalating an assisted suicide attempt and saving the life of a man while reminding him of what he has to live for.

What are the details?

"We're not giving up on you...We're not. We're here and we want to help you," one officer can be heard telling the distressed man, who was holding a knife to his own chest.

Another officer adds, "Your son hasn't given up on you," reminding the subject — who the second officer recognized from a previous call — that he had a 1-year-old little boy depending on him.

"Look at his face, he needs you," the first officer can be heard telling the man, scooting a picture of the child toward him, before the second officer adds, "Don't do this to him. This will affect him in ways you won't even understand."

Eventually, officers were able to disarm the man and lead him outside to be transported for medical treatment.

Negotiation During Active Suicide Attempt

The HCPD released the footage from the July incident on its Facebook page, writing that "100 percent of our officers are trained in de-escalation techniques and mental health first aid," and roughly 80 percent of the force have been through further training in order to be a part of the Crisis Intervention Team.

The department further noted that Facebook deleted their initial post for a time, saying the reason was "likely due to its mention of suicide."

"We believe this video, though hard to watch, is important to learn from,' the HCPD added. "The way our officers communicate with this young man is an example everyone should follow." The original message has since been restored.

H/T: New York Post

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