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'Far-right protester' nearly gets stomped during demonstration. But Black Lives Matter activist picks him up and carries him to safety.


A moving moment

Image source: The BBC video screenshot

A Black Lives Matter protester likely saved the life of a "far-right protester" during a recent demonstration in London.

What are the details?

Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson shared a now-viral photo to his social media accounts, featuring him carrying a white man to safety following dangerous weekend protests in London.

In the photo, Hutchinson can be seen physically transporting a white man, who is clearly injured, in a fireman's carry away from a throng of demonstrators.

Hutchinson captioned the photo, "We saved a life today."

The BBC reported that Hutchinson was attending an anti-racism protest when he saw the man falling to the ground.

Hutchinson said that the situation was quickly deteriorating and he knew that it wouldn't "end well" for the man if he were swept off his feet. He moved quickly, "scooped him up into a fireman's carry, and marched him out."

He said that some demonstrators attempted to injure the white demonstrator on his way out of the crowd.

"I wasn't thinking," Hutchinson told the BBC. "I was just thinking of a human being on the floor. I had no other thoughts in my mind apart from getting to safety."

According to USA Today, the man — who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting — "appears to have been part of a rival group of right-wing soccer hooligans who had congregated in Britain's capital." The group was reportedly "protecting historic statues in and around Parliament Square."

Following the incident, Hutchinson took to social media, writing, "It's not black v white it everyone v the racists! We had each other's back and protected those who needed us."

Reuters also shared a snap of the viral chance encounter on Twitter, captioning it, "A picture and its story: Black man carries suspected far-right protester to safety."

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