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Wikipedia co-founder says site is biased against conservatives: 'The word for it is propaganda'

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Wikipedia is reportedly the fifth most popular website in the world with 6.1 billion monthly visitors. Many people click on the site to get quick and reliable information on just about any topic. However, the co-founder of Wikipedia has issued a warning that the online encyclopedia has a bias and can't always be trusted to provide the truth.

Larry Sanger co-founded Wikipedia along with Jimmy Wales on Jan. 15, 2001. Sanger said that Wikipedia originally offered neutral information on topics without obvious bias, but he said that changed "especially over the last five years or so." Sanger claims that things changed when Wikipedia became a household name.

"Because there is a lot of influence, Wikipedia is known now by everyone to have a lot of influence in the world," Sanger said in an interview on the "LockDownTV" show. "If only one version of the facts is allowed then that gives a huge incentive to wealthy and powerful people to seize control of things like Wikipedia in order to shore up their power. And they do that.

"So there's a very big, nasty, complex game being played behind the scenes to make the article say what somebody wants them to say," the Wikipedia co-founder said.

Sanger said, "Wikipedia is pretty reliably establishment in its viewpoint, which is ironic considering its origins from a couple of libertarians, who – at least in the beginning – were really tolerant and open to anti-establishment views being canvased in the article."

"Can you trust it to always give you the truth? Well, it depends on what you think the truth is," Sanger told host Freddie Sayers.

"The word for it is propaganda," Sanger said.

Sanger gave an example of political bias on Wikipedia, "The Biden article has very little by way of the concerns that Republicans have had about him. So if you want to have anything remotely resembling the Republican point of view about Biden, you're not going to get it from the article."

Sanger explained that the article about President Joe Biden is extremely long, but there is only a short paragraph about the Ukraine scandal and Hunter Biden's overseas dealings.

"What little can be found is extremely biased and reads like a defense counsel's brief," Sanger claimed about the internet encyclopedia.

Sanger, who left Wikipedia in 2002, said the site is biased against conservatives.

"You can't cite the Daily Mail at all. You can't cite Fox News on socio-political issues either. It's banned," he said. "So what does that mean? It means that if a controversy does not appear in the mainstream center-Left media, then it's not going to appear on Wikipedia."

Sanger, who turned 53 on Friday, was asked about information about COVID-19 being shared online.

"If you look at the articles that Wikipedia has, you can just see how they are simply mouthing the view of the World Economic Council or World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organisation, the CDC and various other establishment mouthpieces like Fauci — they take their cues from them…There's a global enforcement of a certain point of view, which is amazing to me amazing to a libertarian, or a liberty-loving conservative," Sanger said.

Sanger gave his opinion on the increase of power and influence by Big Tech.

"We trusted outlets like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube with our data, and allowed them essentially to take over the media world," he said. "What we trusted them with was our liberty and our privacy, that basically that they weren't going to shut us down. But they stabbed us in the back, essentially."

Wikipedia did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

In May 2020, Sanger wrote an article titled, "Wikipedia Is Badly Biased," in which he shows the glaring differences between the Wikipedia entry for former President Barack Obama and former President Donald Trump. He also claims that Wikipedia has "pretty egregious instances of bias" in its article about Jesus Christ.

Last month, Sanger wrote an article titled, "Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever," where he claims that Wikipedia has a bias in its coverage of major stories such as Trump's impeachments, Biden's scandals, Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, and the alleged election irregularities.

You can watch the entire Larry Sanger interview below.

Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I createdwww.youtube.com

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