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Sheriff's deputies get testy with mother for letting daughter 'play at other people's home' amid coronavirus lockdown


'Stop having your kid go by other people's home!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A couple of sheriff's deputies from Wisconsin clearly weren't having a good day when they showed up outside a woman's home recently and began lecturing her about the coronavirus — and for your entertainment, it was all captured on cellphone video.

What are the details?

"Are you aware that we're in a stay-at-home order right now?" the first deputy asked the woman, addressing her as "Amy."

"Yeah, obviously," the woman responded, clearly astounded by the elementary question. But the deputy was apparently atop a high horse — and was in no mood to dismount.

"By the government of Wisconsin?" he continued.

"Yes, I am aware," she replied.

"OK, you're aware of that? So I don't need to explain that to you?" he persisted.

"No, you don't need to explain that to me," she replied before the deputy cut her off and added, "OK, because I can if you need me to."

Soon she forced him to end his perturbed Q&A by inquiring why he was with another deputy — neither or whom were wearing masks or gloves — in her driveway that was adorned with children's chalk drawings.

'Your daughter is going to play at other people's home'

He replied, "'Cause your daughter is going to play at other people's home, and you're allowing it to happen."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

After a couple of seconds of stunned silence, the mother told the deputy the apparent neighbors also had been at her house — after which the intrepid law enforcement officer informed her that "they've been talked to about that."

The deputy's vocal tone at this point got quite ornery as he informed the mother that she can either acknowledge that she's been warned or continue arguing. Smartly she said she'd acknowledge the warning.

"OK," the deputy replied angrily. "Stop having your kid go by other people's home!"


But things weren't quite over.

Name, rank, serial number...

The other deputy asked the mother for her last name for their records — as if sheriff's deputies have no other way of acquiring that information.

But Amy was in no mood to help them out and wondered why that piece of information was necessary — after which the first officer blurted out, "Because you're violating a state order."

But the mom wouldn't budge — and wasn't willing even to disclose her middle initial to the inquiring deputy.

"Are we done here?" the mom asked.

"No, we're not," the second deputy shot back. "Your middle initial and last name."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Suddenly Wisconsin seemed chillier than the Russian Front.

But no dice. She wasn't about to satisfy them. Not that it mattered — the first deputy appeared to extract the necessary information over his radio.

Finally the coup de grace came from the second deputy, who informed the mom "that'll be documented, too, that you were uncooperative."

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