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Some college students plan to 'educate' conservative family members about their political, social views over Thanksgiving


'I want to make sure they understand history'

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Sure, leftist governors are making you wear a mask inside your house if you're gathering with guests over Thanksgiving, limiting your head count to 10, and even asking you to snitch on neighbors who ignore their COVID-19 restrictions — but at least you'll be able to sit down during the long-awaited meal and have some peace, right?

Well ...

The answer to that question may depend on whether or not college students are among your family members attending Thanksgiving dinner this year, where they stand on sociopolitical issues, and if they have the energy to share their woke gospel with unbelievers.

Campus Reform took a trip to George Mason University in northern Virginia recently to ask students if they're excited to go home for Thanksgiving. Oh, and they definitely are! They love their families and have great relationships with them, by and large.

But if the sampling of students interviewed on video at George Mason is any indication of a national trend, you may just wanna watch out if you have a college student coming home this week — because you may be in store for some conversations about politics and social issues.

"It's not something we should just push away because it's uncomfortable," one student told the outlet.

What are the details?

Indeed Campus Reform said every student interviewed indicated that for this particular Thanksgiving holiday — especially given America's present political climate — such chats are necessary.

In regard to topics students said should be on the table — pun absolutely intended — they told the outlet LBGTQ rights, immigration, racism, the election, climate change, women's rights, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

One student who highlighted LGBTQ issues told the outlet it would be a hard conversation to have with family members who are "voting for somebody who's actively against my rights as a person.

A pair of students who come from immigrant families noted to Campus Reform that "immigrant issues" and well as "racial discrimination" are important conversation topics, as well as "black history."

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"My parents didn't have such a high education, neither did the majority of my family," one of the students said. "So I want to make sure they understand history and are educated about that side of things."

Another student said President Donald Trump's recent claims that the 2020 election was "rigged" is an important Thanksgiving topic.

Students want political table talk this Thanksgivingyoutu.be

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