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Woman harassed by Black Lives Matter protesters speaks out against chilling incident, explains why she refused to raise her fist


She didn't hold back

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Lauren Victor, the woman who refused to be intimidated by Black Lives Matter protesters, has spoken out against the bullying she endured last week.

A video of Victor facing off with rambunctious, demanding Black Lives Matter protesters went viral last week after she refused to put her fist in the air in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Protesters converged on Victor and a friend, who were dining outside at a Washington, D.C., restaurant on Aug. 24.

What are the details?

In a Thursday op-ed in the Washington Post, Victor said that the group's bullying tactics are not effective.

Titled, "I was the woman surrounded by BLM protesters at a D.C. restaurant. Here's why I didn't raise my fist," Victor explains that the group didn't even identify themselves when they approached her table.

"I asked who they were and why they were marching," she writes. "No one would answer me. Why march and hold back your message?"

Victor, a 49-year-old urban planner who says she does support Black Lives Matter, adds that the group went about their activism entirely in the wrong way, insisting that it's "never OK to coerce people's participation."

"That is just bullying," she adds.

"When [protesters] crowded around my table and started demanding that I raise my fist, it was their insistence that I participate in something that I did not understand that led me to withhold my hand," Victor explains. "In retrospect, I would have done the same thing even if it was crystal clear to me who they were and what they stood for. If you want my support, ask it of me freely. That's what we do in a democracy."

Sometimes 'those thing turn on a dime'

At the time, Victor initially admitted, "I felt I was under attack."

"To have a crowd — with all that energy — demand that you do this thing," Victor added. "On one level my best guess was no one was going to hurt me but those things turn on a dime."

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