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Women who confronted Beto O'Rourke over gun confiscation doubles down — and has message for President Trump


'Shame on him'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Lauren Boebert went viral this week after she confronted Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke at a campaign town hall in Colorado on Thursday over his plan to confiscate certain types of firearms.

"I am here to say hell no, you're not," she told O'Rourke

On Saturday, Boebert doubled down on her criticism of O'Rourke during an interview on "Fox and Friends" in responds to O'Rourke allegedly exploiting mass shooting incidents, such as the 2012 Aurora movie theater tragedy, to push his gun control agenda.

"Shame on him for coming to Colorado to expound upon our tragedies," Boebert told Fox News.

"Those are our victims and he came here to paint a picture for his own campaign trail and, really, shame on you sir for doing that. We were here. We experienced those losses. That was a community loss, and honestly those victims were defenseless," she said.

"There were criminals that did those horrible acts, and by definition, those criminals do not obey the law," she continued. "So, there is no legislation that you can pass that is going to stop the evil in a man's heart. If he has a desire to go out to harm someone he will find a way to do that."

‘Shame on him’: Colorado woman accuses Beto O’Rouke of using ‘our victims’ to push gun controlwww.youtube.com

Boebert also offered a message of encouragement for President Donald Trump.

"We support our president. I love my president, and I implore him, please protect our Second Amendment," she said. "We elected you to do just that. We don't want anything inched away because every little thing that's on chopping block eventually will lead to no ownership of firearms in America."

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