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Women's March, BLM activists reportedly pummel female Trump supporter, who ends up hospitalized for head, neck injuries


So much for peaceful protests

Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Female Trump supporter Isabella Maria DeLuca says Women's March and Black Lives Matter activists assaulted her in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, during a pro-Trump rally.

DeLuca shared a photo of her injuries on Twitter Saturday. Her post quickly went viral.

What are the details?

DeLuca — outreach director for Republicans for National Renewal — says she was peacefully demonstrating in D.C. on Saturday with a pro-Trump flag when a woman approached her and began attempting to take away the offending flag.

The outlet noted that DeLuca was also demonstrating to show her support for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

According to the report, when the older woman approached DeLuca and could not muscle away the flag, she began hitting and punching DeLuca.

In a statement to the outlet, DeLuca said, "The first woman was a white older woman — she had glasses on, a glittery, bedazzled Black Lives Matter shirt. She looked like she could have been my grandma, honestly."

She continued, explaining that a younger woman approached the two and quickly flanked the older woman. The younger woman then also reportedly attempted to yank away DeLuca's pro-Trump flag. When DeLuca refused to give it up, the younger woman reportedly began to punch and choke her.

According to the outlet, "DeLuca said that she felt reluctant to defend herself due to the advanced age of her attacker, but was determined to retrieve the flag when it was snatched."

DeLuca was hospitalized after the attack and, according to the outlet, treated with a cervical collar due to head and neck injuries.

DeLuca shared a photo of her injuries to Twitter, captioning the snap, "The aftermath of supporting @realDonaldTrump at the Women's March today!"

What else?

On Monday morning, DeLuca — who apparently received backlash for sharing her story across social media — tweeted, "The fact I even have to come on here and defend myself to a bunch of disgusting leftists is sad. I didn't charge at a woman. She stole my flag and I put up my hand to retrieve it from the ground so I didn't get kicked while I was down on the ground."

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