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Ohio mom says former friend beat her with a hammer in front of her children and bragged about it on FB

Image Source: WFMJ-TV YouTube video screenshot

A mother in Youngstown, Ohio, said that her former friend beat her with a hammer in front of her children and then bragged about it on Facebook.

Autumn Hines told WFMJ-TV that she told her former friend, Jamela Chatman, to move from her home because she wasn't on the lease that was arranged through a YMCA program.

Hines said that the 27-year-old Chatman attacked her with a hammer on Saturday after driving her car in front of Hines' car and forcing her to stop.

She claims that Chatman opened her car door, beat her with her fists and the hammer while Hines' 5-year-old twins watched.

"So the police came back around 30 minutes later, I was gushing blood, but my adrenaline was rushing so bad I didn't even know," Hines said.

She also accused Chatman of stealing the keys to her car during the altercation. She says she cannot drive to work because she cannot afford to buy another set of keys for the car.

Police said that Chatman made a Facebook Live video bragging about the assault and threatening the victim. When they arrested Chapman at her home, they found a hammer and a shoe that matched a shoe she had left in the victim's car.

Chatman was charged with robbery and felonious assault. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges. A judge set her bond at $19,000.

Hines says she has a continuing headache from the altercation.

"You turn around and do it in front of my kids. Yes, I'm hurt. Yes, I'm mad," Hines added. "I want her to pay for what you put me through, the mental stress, the emotional stress with me and my kids."

Here's a local news report about the startling violence:

Youngstown woman charged after allegedly beating mother with a hammer in front of children www.youtube.com

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