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Drudge pushing junk ‘opinion’ about Mike Lee and his impeachment vote


Not even close to the reality

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It's no big secret that conservatives have been tuning out the Drudge Report, as the once massively popular conservative aggregator has taken an anti-Trump tone. A fantastical opinion piece claiming Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) might vote to remove Trump, shared by the Drudge Report on Thursday, is a textbook example of why this is happening.

As you can see in this archived version of the Drudge Report from Thursday night, in the first column, seven stories down, is the headline, "Utah's Lee Would Vote to Remove?" The link takes you to an opinion piece by Bloomberg's Jonathan Bernstein, hosted by Yahoo, that argues that he's "even more convinced" that Lee will be "one of the three or four most likely Republicans to vote to convict and remove Trump" from office.

Contrast that fantasy with what Lee told BlazeTV's Glenn Beck on his radio program Thursday. Lee said, "I commend the president. I support the president. This president has actually been the most respectful and the most restrained in his use of military power as commander in chief. More so than any other president in my lifetime. And I respect him for that."

Then there's what Lee told Beck in the beginning of December, "This is absurd. … They [the House] shouldn't pass articles of impeachment because he hasn't done anything impeachable. He hasn't done anything that violates the law. He hasn't even done anything that's wrong. He's just had a conversation that involved a foreign leader, and there was nothing wrong with that. So no, they shouldn't pass articles of impeachment."

There is no chance Mike Lee would vote to convict Trump on charges he's already said are junk. Bernstein is living in a fantasy world, and the Drudge Report has used him to help push its newfound anti-Trump agenda.

The Drudge Report made a name for itself fighting the leftist media narrative, but all too often lately, it seems to be pushing it.

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