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Memo to WaPo: The president alone sets foreign policy


Perceived maladministration is not grounds for impeachment.

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On Sunday, the Washington Post published an article titled, "How a CIA analyst, alarmed by Trump's shadow foreign policy, triggered an impeachment inquiry." The central premise of the article and the whole impeachment charade is faulty. The president of the United States cannot conduct a "shadow foreign policy." It is his job to set the foreign policy of the nation.

The article highlights what we all know. The intelligence community and career foreign service officers disagreed with the foreign policy being set by the president of the United States. So they took it upon themselves to contradict him and set in motion impeachment proceedings.

What the Post and these government bureaucrats misunderstand is that it is the president's prerogative to set the day-to-day foreign policy of the United States — even if his name is Donald J. Trump. That power is delineated in Article II of the Constitution of the United States.

Employees of the State Department are employed to enact the president's priorities. They don't get to make their own foreign policy independent of that desired by the president. The notion that they do is a product of an unconstitutional Wilsonian vision of government, where bureaucrats, not the elected leadership, run the government.

This article by the Post encapsulates all that is wrong with the impeachment push. Rep. Adam Schiff is trying to impeach the president for exercising his constitutional prerogatives, because he disagrees with his decisions.

That isn't an impeachable offense as defined by the Framers. It's a personal opinion of maladministration, which the framers decided against including in the Constitution.

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