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Groundhog Day 2: Impeachment Boogaloo; the media downplays its own reporting to own Trump


The Ukraine and DNC collusion narrative started in the mainstream media.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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Today is the day the media and leftists are going to really get President Donald Trump, version 1,027. In their best impersonation of Bill Murray, every day since the inauguration, they've gotten up, looked in the mirror, and said, "This is the day we do it." And every day they've failed to convince their fellow Americans that Trump deserves to be removed from office.

On Wednesday, with the start of public "impeachment hearings," their version of "Groundhog Day" enters a new phase, "Groundhog Day 2: Impeachment Boogaloo."

One of the key pieces of information that the media have been trying to obfuscate is that, as BlazeTV host Glenn Beck has shown, Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election.

For example, take this piece at Politico by Kyle Cheney and Natasha Bertrand about Alexandra Chalupa, the DNC operative at the heart of Ukrainian collusion allegations. The article is subtitled, "Alexandra Chalupa is at the center of unsubstantiated claims that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election."

About those "unsubstantiated claims." They stem from an article at — wait for it — Politico in January 2019. The article highlights the "Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump" in the 2016 campaign. They aren't "unsubstantiated."

But that didn't stop BuzzFeed News from downplaying the article and basically throwing its authors, Ken Vogel and David Stern, under the bus.

Written by Ken Vogel and Ukraine-based reporter David Stern, the story is titled "Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire." Vogel left Politico in June 2017 and joined the New York Times, where he has continued to cover Ukraine's role in US politics, Stern has recently been doing the same for the Washington Post. Although it was largely forgotten in the mainstream discourse, the 2017 story caused a massiveshockwave across the conservative fringe. It's regularlyposted to 4chan and Reddit as smoking gun proof of Democratic collusion. It was linked to by right-wing news site Daily Wire as recently as last month.

So what the media is saying is that its own reporting is suspect. Which is the same thing it did when "LevinTV" host Mark Levin put together, from mainstream reporting, that the FBI was collecting the communications of Trump campaign officials.

The media will do anything in their power to get rid of President Donald Trump — including eating their own.

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