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Commentary: Here's what's at stake Nov. 3, and on Nov. 4, and thereafter


If the left wins, they will become more bold

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A lot of people living in the suburbs like where I reside think if we just get rid of President Donald Trump the media won't be as biased, the left won't be as radical, and we return to normal.

The exact opposite is true.

Whatever you incentivize you get more of. And the left/media will be incentivized that insurgency works.

Furthermore, the American left was always going here anyway. Just as the left has throughout the West. Because this is what the left is. These are deconstructionists, and their goal is the deconstruction of Western civilization. Nothing more, nothing less. The Democratic Party thought it could cynically harness their energy to acquire power over Republicans with whom they disagree on largely technocratic policy.

But once unleashed and mainstreamed, a religious fervor like this cannot be contained. It can only be defeated, or it will sweep the countryside as Islam swept over the earliest Christian civilizations in Asia Minor.

This leftist pagan religion has swept through the Democratic Party, and make no mistake it will sweep through the country once empowered. History shows such movements cannot be prayed away, they will prey upon you instead. See why we've often had to fight wars.

Nor can they be pushed back with flowery rhetoric written in the judicial opinions of the judges you appointed as safeguards should you lose the election. They will go from flaunting judicial power to ignoring it altogether, for their own power is the only power they respect.

If you do not defeat such movements peacefully at the ballot box, rest assured you will be forced to confront them elsewhere because they don't ever stop on their own. Even while you're just trying to enjoy a night out with a loved one, as we've seen. They will come to you. They will seek you out.

You've already seen the proto-version of this throughout the year with the marauding bands of rioters and disrupters, who were labeled by their sycophantic media charlatans as "peaceful protesters." If they are successful on Nov. 3, we will have sent them a message that this works. Thus, you'll get more of it, and then worse.

See, this election isn't about Trump. It's about us.

Trump is largely a distraction we have distracted ourselves with. You have to adore him or you hate America. You have to rue him or you've sold out. Blah, blah blah. You know why this game is exhausting? Because most pointless things are.

While we have played the Trump game among ourselves, the left has taken the mask off (while forcing you to put their ineffective burka on, of course). It's all out in the open now. They're not even hiding it now. They no longer think they have to.

You will have drag queen story time hour at your small town library. You will have child porn next to the Christmas special on your Netflix. You will have openly Marxist propaganda on the court of your NBA games, while the league promotes China's messaging at the same time. The same China that infected the world with a deadly contagion. You will have Critical Race Theory scams preached in your SBC churches.

There is nowhere you can you retreat to, no place you can hide. This (Marxist) revolution will be televised. And we are the captive audience.

So stay home. Don't vote for Trump. Don't believe he's earned your vote. You are entitled to do that. I have done all those things before myself, and I'm not one here to argue with your conscience. It's not like Trump hasn't done things to annoy or alarm people. I've detailed many of them myself. It's why I sat out the last time. I'm not here to convince you otherwise. I'm simply making sure you understand the stakes here. And who your enemy is, because it certainly sees you as its enemy — as all rival religions do once radicalized.

But then come Nov. 4, I look forward to hearing your plan for how to stop a Marxist Insurgency now fully incentivized and empowered. With a senile figurehead in the most powerful office in the world, for which it can use and manipulate behind the scenes to threaten your way of life with the kind of stuff Barack Obama would've considered mere vain imaginings and fevered dreams. All now called your "new normal."

Make no mistake, when/if Trump goes away these leftists will still be here. For they are now right where they've always wanted to be — in your face.

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