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Commentary: Is the media really the enemy of the people?

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Media the enemy?

Is the media the enemy of the American people? This is a popular question asked today and the honest answer is that it all depends on your definition of the word "enemy." In the traditional meaning, NO, they are not an enemy because I consider an enemy to be actually able to do you personal harm. Countries like Russia, Iran, and North Korea, groups like ISIS, etc., are truly enemies of the American people. You could even make an argument that the national debt is the enemy of the American people because, at $21 trillion and growing, it will eventually destroy your nation and NEITHER side cares about it. If you ignore the media, what effect do they have as very few actually watch?

Am I defending the media? NOPE. They have been entirely consistent for the longest time. This is the same media who were, in parts, silent during World War II, who grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory in Vietnam (special thanks to Walter Cronkite for that one) and have written puff pieces about dictatorships like Cuba and people like Che and Karl Marx.


I will share one fear I have of society and all sides are guilty of this today: the way we act online and in person. We love to dehumanize the individual and promote generalizations. The media love to do this with all of Trump supporters, calling them all evil, racist, KKK members who hate women. I have many friends who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and the reasons they gave varied a lot. Some voted simply because he was the GOP nominee, others because he was the lesser of two evils, some because they could not allow Hillary get power, others because of the Supreme Court, and still others simply because he was a businessman.

The right is just as guilty of this as the left. They say the left are all socialist hippies who want free love and Bernie Saunders. Yet you could take (at least four of) the reasons above for why my friends voted for Trump, and use them as reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton. America faces one simple question going forward: What will you judge someone by? The content of their character and their actions, or some other random fact?

Colorado Baker

Last week, America saw two very troubling stories where tyranny is growing and needs to be addressed. Firstly, Colorado is once again attacking Jack Phillips who is the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop. His offense this time was not agreeing to bake a transgender cake. Is an individual a free person? Do they have the right to control their labor? Do they have a right to pursue their own happiness? It appears the answer in Colorado is "no" and they are acting like they won't be happy until Jack either complies, goes bust or leaves the state. How is that fair in 2018?

Abortion and economics

Lastly, Chelsea Clinton was in the news last week promoting an economic argument to support abortion. Her theory suggests abortion helped add $3.5 trillion to the U.S. economy since 1973 (the year Roe v Wade was passed). Firstly, I want to destroy this argument as it is a theory that is impossible to prove or disprove. Secondly, to those who say being pro-life is a divisive issue and that people like me should stop talking about it, well, the left are now revealing who they really are and making economic arguments for murder. Do you still say we should be silent? Or is now the time to start speaking out?

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