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Deace: Don Lemon may have been woefully wrong in his conclusions about God, but at least he was talking theology instead of woke-ology


A divine opportunity

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Augustine. Aquinas.

Luther. Calvin.

Don Lemon.

Yeah, I know, but stick with me here.

Because for all the CNN host's supreme ridiculousness, he actually landed on the target of all targets earlier this week when, on "The View," of all places, he addressed the character of God and how it applies to life in this world.

Doesn't matter if his arrival there was accidental. Doesn't matter if his conclusions were wrong. Doesn't even matter if his intentions were malevolent.

Just talking about God and not the latest social justice distraction ultimately served to let the lion out of its cage. Theology, not woke-ology, was front and center. And since it is theology that long held the privilege of being known as the mother of the sciences in the canon of Western civilization, it means any conversation that includes it as its plumb line for debate has a chance at arriving at something truly worthy — if not flat-out divine.

So many of our modern conversations have zero chance at such an outcome because they pit the inspirational and intellectual equivalent of the lint in our navel against fingernails on the chalkboard. From stem to stern, there is simply no "there" there. Yet when Don Lemon ineptly addressed the Catholic Church's obvious and predictable refusal to bless same-sex relationships, my only wish was that he had the stamina to keep his interest parked there indefinitely.

Here's what Lemon said: "If you believe in something that hurts another person or that does not give someone the same rights or freedoms, not necessarily under the Constitution, because this is under God, I think that that's wrong. And I think that the Catholic Church and many other churches really need to re-examine themselves and their teachings, because that is not what God is about. God is not about hindering people or even judging people."

Total nonsense? You betcha. But not only is God part of the conversation, assertions are being made about Him as if they not only matter, but are in fact fundamental to who we are as a people on this earth.

How often does progressivism willingly and enthusiastically give you that opening? Well, when the very existence of progressivism has as one of its chief aims to make the answer to that question "never," you should understand why I don't want to scare Lemon away. This is the cancel culture, after all.

Like I said earlier, I may not fully trust Lemon's motivations for choosing this discussion, but I know with certainty that as long as I can keep him engaged there, I have a shot at saving civilization through something other than bloodshed. If you won't even acknowledge God's place in the world, how can you ever kneel before his will and purpose?

Not so coincidentally, the nation of Denmark now appears to be addressing the cost of ignoring the things of God for far too long. Sure, it's not saying that out loud, but when its government announced it will limit the number of residents with "non-Western origin" in neighborhoods to a maximum of 30% within 10 years in order to "reduce the risk of religious and cultural parallel societies," it may as well have been saying that "all of our secular utopian fantasies have hit a dead end."

So Denmark acted. Either it addresses reality as it really is and not as it wishes it to be, as determined through hard experience, or it will die. And so it is with Don Lemon, just as it is with each and every one of us.

God exists and He has a plan for us. Without that knowledge, we are lost. So God bless you, Don, for finally picking up a map for a change.

Now let me further help you in your cause, because you are unfortunately holding it upside down.

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