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Horowitz: Are hospitals making thousands off this dangerous and ineffective COVID drug?

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It simply makes no sense. Hospitals are aggressively using remdesivir months after it has become clear that it is not only ineffective, but causes liver toxicity and kidney failure. Yet despite its astronomical cost, hospital administrators are refusing to pull the treatment from standard protocol. At the same time, they are balking at the use of safe and effective ivermectin (or any other safe repurposed drug) to the point that they are even willing to go to court and appeal if they lose. What gives?

A listener of my podcast who goes by @NC_updipchick on Twitter discovered a little-known fact about the hospital reimbursement scheme for COVID that could possibly explain the genocidal fervor behind doctors blocking lifesaving treatment while sticking with remdesivir until the bitter end. After I had legendary critical care doctor Paul Marik on my podcast to discuss his lawsuit against a Virginia hospital that refused to allow any effective treatments (including vitamin C infusions), @NC_updipchick dug up an important Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services billing rule from over a year ago that seems to explain everything.

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