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Horowitz: DC allows illegal alien students preference in returning to in-person classes over most Americans


American kids will continue with Zoom classes

Photo by ASTRID RIECKEN For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Liberal city mayors have finally discovered that it was a mistake to close schools and that this virus is not dangerous to children. Well … not all children … only illegal aliens. Most American students will have to remain at home in the nation's capital, while illegal alien children get to attend in-person classes.

So, whose country is this anyway?

On Monday, Mayor Muriel Bowser and D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Lewis Ferebee announced that beginning Nov. 9, some elementary and preschool students in the district will return to in-person schooling. Isn't it funny how they can already sense that the danger of the virus will dissipate during the first week after the election?

However, there is a wrinkle. According to the Washington Post, only those who are homeless, have special educational needs, or are learning English as a second language get to return to in-person schooling! In other words, for the overwhelming majority of American citizen students, they will continue with Zoom classes indefinitely. However, if they are learning English as a second language, they get to return to normal schooling.

"Learning from home is not working for every student," Ferebee said at Monday's news conference. "And we particularly know that it has been challenging for our youngest learners."

No kidding! It doesn't work well for all students. So, if there is no longer a danger for those with special needs, then why can't it work for everyone?

Moreover, why should immigrant children get priority over those from citizen families? Yes, the classification of an LEP, or "Limited English proficient," student can apply to some legal immigrant families, but given the demographics of D.C. there are likely many illegal alien children who will benefit from this arrangement while American children stay home.

According to the D.C. government, there are over 6,000 students enrolled in LEP programs, roughly 12.5% of the total K-12 population.

The D.C. area has been flooded with unaccompanied alien children in recent years, many of whom have been vulnerable to MS-13 recruitment. According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, 1,435 unaccompanied alien children have been resettled in the nation's capital since FY 2015.

According to the Post, the school system spent more money on "hazard pay, a full-time nurse assigned to every school, upgraded air filters and other safeguards in buildings." Citizens of D.C. who pay a fortune in taxes can take heart in knowing that they are now paying for students of other countries while their children will remain at home.

Those who speak English as a first language are now second-class citizens in our nation's own capital city.

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