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Horowitz: ‘Masks defeated the flu’? 4 reasons that’s absurd beyond belief

valentinrussanov/Getty Images

It's the lie that won't die and the one that is designed to prevent mask-wearing from being relegated to the ash heap of history. The same experts who last year predicted a "twindemic" of COVID and the flu flooding the hospitals together, completely missing the natural phenomenon of viral interference, are now crediting the lack of flu and other respiratory viruses to mask-wearing. But the disappearance of flu-like illnesses occurred even at times and in places where mask-wearing was uncommon, and its subsequent re-emergence occurred even in places where mask-wearing was still in vogue.

Last week, the local ABC station in Dallas ran a story on the out-of-season spread of RSV in north Texas and of course blamed people not wearing masks. "We've changed our behavior and now nature is giving us the answer," said Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, chief of infectious diseases at Children's Health and professor of pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center. "For the people who think masks don't make a difference, I can't think of any better evidence to suggest that masks actually make a huge difference," Kahn said.

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