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Horowitz: McCarthy passed budget bills with Dem support during Trump years

Win McNamee/Getty Images

If you don’t support Kevin McCarthy for speaker, you are somehow helping the Democrats because of a phantom concern that for the first time ever, RINOs will get together and elect a Democrat speaker. This is the propaganda being disseminated by McCarthy and his allies in the broken Conservative Inc. media. Aside from the fact that this concern is completely unfounded, they are forgetting the irony that McCarthy himself, on the most important pieces of legislation – budgets and debt ceiling – worked with Democrats as floor leader to squander the golden years of Trump’s presidency with budget bills that Democrats often supported unanimously.

It’s getting old. Republicans work with Democrats on every policy that matters, especially at the time the ball is actually in play, yet every time we seek to do surgery – either through elections, policy fights, or leadership battles – we are told that if we don’t help the Republicans, who work with Democrats … we are helping the Democrats!

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