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​Horowitz: Republican old bulls expose themselves as frauds on limited government

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After being in the minority for 40 years in the latter part of the 20th century, Republicans have controlled the House for 20 of the past 28 years. Yet the debt has climbed from under $5 trillion in 1994 during the “Republican Revolution” to over $31 trillion today. That’s not just an abstract number. It represents unquantifiable government control over our lives, inducement of entrenched dependency, distorting of our entire economy, creation of artificial monopolies in every vital industry, and a remaking of the national character. And no, this was not just due to the time Democrats controlled one or all branches of government. Now with this great opportunity to finally push a balanced budget, the whining from GOP moderates and fake defense hawks demonstrates exactly why the debt rises always got worse under their watch.

It seems like yesterday when I was writing press releases for Tea Party candidates in 2010 warning apocalyptically about the $12 trillion in debt and the unparalleled levels of spending during Obama’s first year. Now, we’d pine to go back to that level of spending. Yet Republicans are now upset that Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised conservatives that discretionary spending would be frozen at … the insanely high levels of fiscal year 2022!

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