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Horowitz: Ron DeSantis succeeds on education where other Republicans failed for decades

Nathan Posner/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

When was the last time you saw Republicans leading Democrats in any opinion poll on education? Likely never in this generation, not unlike their dismal polling on health care. Education and health care are probably the two most impactful issues on human life, liberty, culture, and economy, yet Republicans have ceded them to the left forever. They tepidly play their “me too” game of acceding to the same socialist policies, merely with less enthusiasm and slightly less funding, rather than offering a new vision altogether. This is where Ron DeSantis has upended the paradigm. He has already offered transformative change on many of the medical freedom issues; now he is doing the same on education.

As he declared Florida the “Education State” at his Monday press conference, DeSantis did something that no other Republican would have had the guts to do: he blocked the implementation of a college AP course on African-American studies.

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