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Liberal bullies keep getting away with terrorizing the right because there are no consequences. Time for that to change.


There must be discipline — and that includes punishment

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Back when I was working for Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, I emceed an event that featured a former fire chief from Georgia, a baker from Oregon, a florist from Washington, and wedding chapel owners from Iowa.

They all shared a similar plight. The rainbow jihad told them to comply with fake marriage or else, and, faithful servants that they are, they chose the latter. So Cruz stepped in and banged the drum for religious freedom as loud as he could on their behalf to help salvage their careers and their businesses.

It was absolutely worth doing, but it didn't really take at a macro level. Because since then a Colorado baker has been targeted for the same nonsense on at least three occasions. And although opposition to him doesn't explicitly have to do with the culture's marriage debate, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has twice been targeted for public humiliation on the assumption that he wouldn't be woke enough on the bench.

These are just the obvious examples among countless others. So why did things get worse? I'm afraid it's not complicated. There are simply never any repercussions for such assassinations.

As a father, I know from the get-go what a hopeless recipe that is. For other than my love for them, the one thing my children have always been certain about in my home is my follow through. Don't meet expectations, there will be consequences. Without apology. Without hesitation. Without exception.

Because that is what is necessary for peace and order to thrive. And if that's the case for my kids, who happen to be pretty good little human beings, what do you think our culture's bullies and terrorists require to call them correct? Not hushed tones and sweet nothings, that's for damn sure. Which brings me to my home state of Iowa again, where the consequences long due the rainbow jihad were finally handed down in a way that could be game-changing if contagious.

Like in similar obnoxiously woke cases, multiple administrators at the University of Iowa turned the tyranny up to 11 and thought they could demand the campus's religious student groups not require their own officers to actually share the faith or morals that are the basis for their group's status in the first place. In other words, Christians must allow for the possibility of being personally governed by pagans.

Yes, that's insane, but we are getting used to that in America, aren't we? The refreshing difference here came when a federal court was so "baffled" by the university's animosity toward people of faith, the offending administrators must now pay out of their own pockets to make amends for their attempted malfeasance.

Can I get a witness?!

Oh that they would lose their jobs for their heinous virtue signaling crusade as well, but Rome wasn't built in a day. The pocketbook will do for now. Blood has been drawn, and from one of the most cowardly casts of bullies ever devised by the cold dead heart of mankind. They have gotten away with their fraud for far too long because even when they didn't win, they also never really lost. And thus were never forced to feel the same fear they so badly wanted others to choke on.

They were simply allowed to go away for a while, regroup and then hit us again — often on our own dime. Because no consequences. No punishment. No pain.

Let those days finally be over with. The courts often aren't our friends on the conservative side of the ledger, but this time they gave us a lodestar to be governed by. Make another fake hate crime claim? Consequences. Try to take a hatchet to the Constitution via a trumped up lawsuit? Consequences. Attempt character assassination against a nominee you don't like? Consequences. Fashion a collusion hoax as a springboard to a coup de tat? Consequences.

When the children are getting away with it, it's not their fault but the adults who permit it to happen. Time to break our collective feet off in some backsides. May the consequences be real, and glorious. And let us take the social media meltdowns and CNN "can't evens" that will occur in response as the best affirmation it's the right thing to do.

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