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Progressivism is cancer


The 'D' will stand for 'defeated,' not 'Democrat,' if this keeps up

Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Welcome to the great convergence. The stars are aligning to tell a great tale, just as they always have throughout the eons. And this time, the message seems to be every bit as clear as Orion's belt or the Big Dipper:

Progressivism is cancer.

Three political stars in particular form the backbone of current story. To be sure, this is a story that could change almost completely in the coming weeks and months depending on any number of factors. After all, when it comes to President Trump and the Democrats, it is the idiocy, immorality, and malfeasance of the other that each depends upon most to change their own fortunes.

But when it comes to the present moment, Trump is the one dominating the trophy case courtesy of the progressive cult based on the latest Democratic primary polling data, the impeachment hearings and the particular case of Mayor Pete.

● A recent Marquette University poll has Trump beating Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg in the state of Wisconsin. In the case of Trump versus Biden in particular, that marks a 12-point swing from only August, when Biden was besting Trump by nine points. Furthermore, a national Emerson poll shows Trump's approval rating rising five points to 48 percent in the last month as well as presidential electoral victories against all of the above except a within-the-margin-of-error loss to Sanders.

What happened? Well, the old polls where almost every carbon-based life form beat Trump had a lot to do with an understandable level of Trump exhaustion syndrome due to his grating antics and persona, along with a limited understanding of the field of Dems who would oppose him. But after multiple debates and state-by-state barnstorming, now we all know who we are dealing with. And it's as if we were transported back to 2016, when Better Than Hillary won the hearts of many.

The Democratic candidates are terrible. Again. So Trump wins.

● And guess what? The Democrats in Congress are terrible, too! After more than a week of House impeachment hearings, the viewership for this week's Democratic presidential debate was among the lowest so far in the 2020 electoral cycle. That clearly means that a lot of people, including a lot of voters who lean left, have declared "Fake News" to be the most fitting label for impeachment and its feckless propagandists.

There simply is no there there, other than the existence of countless deep state hacks who want Trump gone because he has somehow violated their elitist safe space, after none of them could be bothered to raise a finger when Biden and his son turned Ukraine into their own money-laundering shell company.

● Lastly, there is the Frankenstein monster that is Mayor Pete. A monster that the Democrats have been breathing life into for decades, via various sexual revolutions that have culminated most recently in a Chicago-area school board voting for mentally ill male students (or creeps pretending to be) to infiltrate girl's locker rooms.

Can somebody remind me why #MeToo was ever a thing if high school girls can be so easily preyed upon by the mentally ill and the morally deviant to thunderous applause? But I digress. The crucial point to be made here is that a podunk mayor from a less-than-idyllic city, who was destroyed in the only statewide race he ever ran in, has now claimed frontrunner presidential status in both Iowa and New Hampshire for no other reason than he is gay.

Yet that is clearly an issue with black voters, who have been Democratic loyalists par excellence but frown upon Buttigieg in South Carolina to the tune of giving him 0 percent of their support so far. Yikes.

The rainbows are coming home to roost in the Democratic Party, and I for one am gleefully popping some popcorn to watch the show. How the same people, who have systematically taken the black vote for granted for years while failing to deliver on countless promises concerning racial/urban improvements, will now with a straight face try to shove Will and Grace down their throats in the name of civil rights is a mind scrambler.

So what's it all mean? The D will once again stand for defeated if this keeps up.

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