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'Republicans are frankly COWARDS': Chip Roy RIPS fellow lawmakers as House passes bill requiring women to register for draft

Andrew Wilkow

'I'm going to trust these a** hats to come after and draft my daughter? Nuh-uh.'

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Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) joined BlazeTV's Andrew Wilkow to talk about the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that contains an amendment requiring women to register for the draft, which passed in the House Thursday night.

Roy has been an outspoken opponent of the amendment. He told Wilkow in no uncertain terms exactly what he thinks of his fellow Congress members, particularly Republicans, who support the $768 billion defense policy bill that includes a provision requiring women to register for the military draft.

"Republicans are frankly cowards who hide behind the Defense Department," Roy stated.

"Let's be very clear: Today there is no requirement that your daughter, your sister, your mom, your wife get drafted. Tomorrow, Congress will have voted to do that, and [some] Republicans are going to vote to do it," he said ahead of Thursday's vote.

"They should be ashamed of themselves!" Roy continued. "They should have stood up and demanded that we abolish the draft altogether if people have a problem with it, or leave it as it is with males being drafted. But under no circumstances am I going to allow my 10-year-old daughter, when she comes of age, to sign up for Selective Service for an administration like this fricking incompetent bunch, who just abandoned people in Afghanistan, left $85 billion in the hands of the Taliban, are not securing our border, and are now coming in and telling us when I have to be vaccinated, what I have to do, whether or not I can get monoclonal antibodies. I'm going to trust these a** hats to come after and say they're not gonna draft my daughter? Nuh-uh."

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