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$198 million for frozen pizza: How did your Super Bowl snacks compare to the average American’s?

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Eagles win!

The Philadelphia Eagles made history with their first Super Bowl win last night. While sitting down to watch, Americans ate a lot of pizza, wings and subs.

How many wings can you eat?

Consumers were expected to eat a record 1.35 billion chicken wings this year. Nielsen reports that Americans spend a lot on these items in the two weeks leading up to the big game:

  • $1.3 billion on beer & cider
  • $278 million on potato chips
  • $198 million on frozen pizza
  • $86 million on popcorn
  • $80 million on chicken wings
  • $60 million on deli sandwiches

What did the average family spend?

The average American spent around $81.17 on party fare, according to the National Retail Federation. Sports fans in the 24-34 age demographic spent more on average ($118.43), but anyone hosting a full-blown Super Bowl party spent the most on average: $207.16.

Doc talked about these Super Bowl numbers on today’s show.

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