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A YouTube troll illustrates important points to know about Antifa

Chris Salcedo
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Antifa, the so-called Antifascist movement, has origins in Europe and goes out of their way to disguise their identities while they incite violent responses to conservatives. They are frequently seen wearing face masks and all-black attire.

Co-author of “A Paradoxical Alliance” Jack Buckby told Chris Salcedo that any time he sees a self-proclaimed representative of Antifa talking to the press to “be immediately skeptical.” He said on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show” that a recent guest of Fox News' Jesse Watters was a YouTube prankster. “They refuse to talk to anyone who might disagree with them,” he explained.

Buckby, who called in from the United Kingdom, reported that the U.K. has a number of “collective left wing groups” that border Antifa, like Hope Not Hate, who are funded by members of the Labour party. They are careful not to campaign for Labour so they can get around U.K. funding and campaign rules.

These people will sometimes appear on television, he said, because they campaign against other parties. He thinks they believe they are “enlightened” and are fighting a just cause. Antifa instead attacks people in the streets of Britain “with darts and knives,” he reported, with the left wing organizations that surround them doing all the talking instead.

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