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Air travel costs have decreased dramatically -- here's why


Cheap Flight Day usually falls on August 22 of each year as airlines attempt to make up for the lack of demand from travelers as the summer draws to a close. One can typically get a ticket for 11 to 20 percent less than they’d cost at the middle of the summer.

Don’t worry though, if you missed Cheap Flight Day, as airline ticket prices have actually declined at least 50 percent since 1990. Yaron Brook, filling in for Mike Opelka on “Pure Opelka,” said one of the reasons life is much better now than it was 27 years ago is greater access to travel for more people.

Our demand for discounted prices have helped discount airlines to thrive. Travel and Leisure reports that a 1941 flight to Boston from Los Angeles was $4,539.24 per person when adjusted to today’s money.

In 2015, that same flight was under $500 -- and you wouldn’t have to stop 12 times or devote over 15 hours to travel alone. Brook said that even though we complain about the lack of amenities in modern flight, our desire to see other cultures and demand for travel has naturally driven the cost down.

“We have gravitated toward discount airlines,” he said, and the market has met the demand.

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