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Al Qaeda has gone public with suggested targets in America

(Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

This month’s edition of “Inspire,” Al Qaeda’s recruiting magazine, features a how-to for derailing trains. Noting that railways go through every major American city, the article urges that trains be a target of attack, because “it is a daunting and almost impossible task to protect the long railroad length, and yet one of the easiest to target.”

“Inspire” says that high speed rail, such as the northeast’s Acela, is best to target because it is “hard to control or manage using breaks.” They also give tips on confounding forensics and which parts of the rail system make the best targets. Bridges, sharp corners, and anything near a building is touted as desirable.

Mike Opelka is a frequent user of Amtrak and made a video showing how easy it is to get on the largely unprotected government rail system with just about any item. He disclosed on “Pure Opelka” today that he asked Governor Andrew Cuomo a year ago if security would be increased, and he had replied it would be a priority.

A year later, Mike has observed no changes.

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