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Alex Jones claims he is ‘very critical’ of Trump

Ben Jackson/Getty Images

Alex Jones recently claimed to media that he was “very critical” of President Donald Trump and that he is a libertarian.

Stu Burguiere was flabbergasted. “The man has said that Sandy Hook was obviously a hoax, and [saying he's critical of Trump] is the biggest lie he has ever committed,” he said this week on “Pat & Stu.”

Jones then went on to talk about human-animal hybrids, remonstrating with the crowd for laughing at him as he ranted about spider goats and “dangerous human-animal chimeras.”

Pat Gray, Stu and Jeffy Fisher were inspired to look up chimeras. In the scientific community, a “chimera” is a single organism that contains two sets of DNA. One example is someone who has a bone marrow transplant and from then on lives with blood cells that are genetically identical to the donor. The name comes from a monstrous hybrid creature in Greek mythology.

Stu theorized that Jones had seen some information and spun it into a much crazier story.

“What does this guy use for toothpaste?” Pat wondered about the conspiracy theorist.

“Super Male Vitality formula,” Stu countered, referring to Jones' line of "wellness products."

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