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America's founding documents can only be understood in concert with each other

Mike Opelka
(Engraving Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Air Force pilot Jeremy Boyd previews an upcoming episode of TheBlaze TV's "The Vault" in which Wallbuilders founder David Barton will join Glenn Beck to examine an exact copy of the Declaration of Independence made during the mid-1800s using a copper plate facsimile of the original document. David and Glenn will also discuss the indissoluble links between the Declaration and the Constitution.

"You've got to understand, you cannot separate the two (documents)," Jeremy points out. "Now, lawyers will say, 'The Constitution is the law, we've got to go by that. The Declaration is just...a nice document.' But they want to kind of separate those two, but you can't."

Jeremy explains the interdependent nature of the two revered documents: "Because the Declaration of Independence is the spirit of the law. The Constitution is the letter of the law. And without the two — they back each other up. And if only you have one separate, then you can have, you know, Roe v. Wade passed. You can have all these other things that seemingly wouldn't have (happened) if you had taken the Declaration and included it as part of your decision-making."

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