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Bill Maher misses his own point on identity politics

Glenn Beck
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Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher said in a recent CNN interview that Democrats need to stop focusing on identity politics; however, some of his remarks seemed to contradict that exact point.

On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck talked about Maher’s interview and why Democrats need to get past Hillary Clinton. “Until people can be honest and say she was a really flawed candidate, they won’t be able to move forward,” Glenn said.

In the interview with Jake Tapper, Maher said that Democrats need to learn to represent the whole country and give them some kind of real message.

“I just hope they learned some of the important lessons from 2016 like ‘have a message,’ Maher said.  “‘At least we’re not crazy’ didn’t work.”

Democrats also need to stop getting bogged down identity politics, Maher asserted.

“Ease up on the identity politics,” he told Tapper. “They pulled off quite a neat trick in 2016; they made white people who are still the majority of this country feel like a minority, or at least enough of them to swing the election.”

For the rest of the interview, however, Maher seemed to contradict his own points, partly blaming misogyny for Clinton’s failed candidacy … and then saying that his choice for a Democratic candidate in 2020 was Bernie Sanders, who was Clinton’s rival for the nomination in 2016.

“What an unbelievable sexist,” Glenn said sarcastically.

“Everybody else is a misogynist, but he still wants Bernie Sanders,” Pat Gray noted.

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