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Bringing Cherry Coke to China is Warren Buffett's latest ambitious scheme

Pat and Stu
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Billionaire mogul Warren Buffett has embarked on a new venture to introduce his favorite beverage, Cherry Coke, to China. The Coca-Cola Company will evidently use Buffett's likeness as part of its promotional campaign in the Asian nation.

Tuesday on "Pat & Stu," the guys reflected on some of his other ventures and the astonishing extent of Buffett's empire.

"Good gosh, this guy. He owns everything," Pat Gray marveled. "I mean, things you don't even — you can't comprehend. He owns it. That is just amazing. He's the largest shareholder in Coke. That's pretty weird. I had no idea. I mean, he owns furniture companies, real estate."

Stu Burguiere had little love for Buffett: "I'm glad to see him slide down to number three, by the way, on the richest persons list behind Jeff Bezos."

The guys then spent some time complaining about Nebraska Furniture Mart, the home furnishings mega-store chain owned by Buffett's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett's purchase of the chain in 1983 coincided with his purchase of numerous smaller furniture stores across the globe.

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