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Burrell on the hot seat for giving a passionate speech about sin


On "The Lawrence Jones Show," Kim Burrell is on the hot seat for giving a passionate speech about sin, however, due to some fancy editing, her speech became a homophobic rant which resulted in her radio show being taken away.

"They took her radio show away from her, they took her TV show away from her, they dis-invited her to her lifetime achievement award ceremony and guess what else they did?" Lawrence asks. "They dis-invited her from the "Ellen" show. ... Now she has a target on her back."

Lawrence plays a clip with Pharrell and Ellen where they misinterpret the video and act as if Burrell was targeting people of the LBGTQ community. Ellen presumes Burrell was hating on her personally and Pharrell painted her as intolerant of societal differences in 2017.

"First of all that's a lie because she was not targeting Ellen or gays. That was not what her speech was about — she was talking to her church members," Lawrence says.

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