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California woman finds a frog in her salad – now he’s a family pet


While eating a meal at home recently, a California woman found a frog in her packaged salad, covered in tahini-lemon vinaigrette. She started screaming and ran to the bathroom to throw up; meanwhile, her husband noticed that the tiny frog was still alive.

After surviving almost becoming part of a meal, Lucky the frog lives in a terrarium complete with moss and crickets. Brad Staggs had the odd story as part of Tuesday’s headlines on “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Becky Garfinkel of Corona is a strict vegetarian who was shocked to see the frog in a packaged salad she’d purchased from Target. “I was going to stab at it and take a bite, and I see it … and I scream,” she told the Los Angeles Times.

Amazingly, the frog was still alive, but it was stiff. Garfinkel’s husband rinsed off the vinaigrette in the kitchen sink and rubbed the frog’s belly, something he’d seen in a viral video.

“Frog CPR?” Kal Elsebai asked on Tuesday’s show.

They couldn’t bear the idea of sending the tiny frog back outside, so they decided to keep him and set up a little home. Lucky now lives as a family pet.

“That’s my problem with this story,” Doc Thompson said. “OK, you don’t want to hurt the frog; whatever, that’s fine. Then just boot its butt outside and be done.”

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