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Child education 'expert' wants to abolish Father's Day and replace it with something very PC

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An Australian woman with a doctorate in early childhood studies is calling for the abolition of Father’s Day, asking that it be replaced with Special Person’s Day. Down under, that day is the first Sunday in September.

Dr. Ruby Red Scarlet told the show "Today Tonight" last week that she suggested this change to spare the feelings of children who don’t have fathers in the home. She doesn’t view the suggestion as political correctness so much as an assertion of rights.

She said, “We have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families. There's a range of different communities across Australia.”

Mike Opelka disagreed on today’s “Pure Opelka,” saying that this is a prime example of political correctness “gone absolutely hog freaking wild.” He asked how one can simultaneously recognize the important impact of a father in a child’s life, but diminish or eliminate Father’s Day.

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