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Chris Salcedo: Don’t shed any tears for the traitorous health insurance companies

Chris Salcedo
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On his talk radio program Tuesday, TheBlaze host Chris Salcedo referenced some notes he received from some who claimed he had been too hard on the insurance companies. The notes stated, "The insurance companies were under the gun, they were being threatened by Obama, they were being threatened by the Democrats, ... and they had no other choice but to jump in bed with Barack Obama so they could stay around."

Salcedo claimed that the insurance companies did a great job saving themselves, and quoted Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) as saying that the top ten insurance companies did very well under Obamacare while profiting on the backs of the taxpayer.

However, now that the entire Obamacare structure is collapsing, Salcedo notes that the insurance companies want sympathy, even though they should have realized from the beginning the consequences of aligning themselves with the Obama administration.

"How many insurance co-ops failed? How many insurances companies during Obamacare failed? The entire law was designed to cripple insurance companies so that there would be no other place for people to go except for the government." Salcedo provides how this is the prelude to single-payer health care.

"They signed their own death warrant when they jumped in bed with Obama — which is what you do when you work with a liberal," Chris says. "So sorry, the insurance companies are not sympathetic players here."

Salcedo clarifies that if they had behaved as Americans, competed and opposed the left wing agenda, he guarantees that Obamacare never would have passed. Unfortunately what happened instead was the insurance industry lined up to collect the profit of the government mandated health system whether it was good or not.

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