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Chris Salcedo rails against Judge Watson's suspension of President Trump's 'travel ban

Chris Salcedo

On Thursday's episode of "The Chris Salcedo Show," Salcedo railed against Judge Derrick Watson's decision to freeze President Trump's so-called "travel ban." In his 43 page opinion, Judge Watson concluded that President Trump's executive order was discriminatory against Muslims. Salcedo argued that only six of 43 Muslim majority countries were affected by the temporary ban, wondering how an "intelligent person" could determine it to be a "Muslim ban."

"I can't see how an intelligent person can look at six majority Muslim countries that are affected by the ban, and 43 others that are not affected by the ban, ... and say that it's a Muslim ban," Salcedo said. "There are 43 countries that are not affected."

Salcedo pointed out that seven times more countries were not affected by the ban than were and asserted "you either have to be an incredibly dumb individual to come to that conclusion, or there's something else going on." He went on to speculate as to what the judge's motives might be in writing the opinion he did. He wondered if Obama-appointee Judge Watson might be a partisan, simply wanting to cause President Trump problems, or if something more nefarious might be at work.

He went on to suggest President Trump do something similar to what President Obama did with his Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA). Instead of an executive order, Salcedo recommended, simply issue a memo and some "guidelines" to the Department of Homeland Security, which, he says, could have the same impact without the executive order.

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