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Christian artist has new book about our search for identity

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Christian singer-songwriter Matthew West joined “The Church Boys” to talk about his new book, “Hello, My Name Is: Discover Your True Identity.” Written in the hope of directing people to their most fulfilling identity, “Hello, My Name Is” explores a society that lets us create our own digital identities but also tends to put unwanted name tags on us.

We all share a search for identity, a quest to find “what sets us apart, what makes us special,” West said. “Throughout the journey, there’s a bunch of pitfalls along the way, and the world tries to get us to believe a lie about who we are.” We tend to believe lies about ourselves, but we can be set free by claiming our God-given identities as His children.

In today’s world, each of us can carve out an identity online using platforms like Facebook. But will profile identities satisfy us? West went on his own journey while writing the book to deal with false identities he had claimed for himself, he explained.

“Chapter by chapter, I like to think that I’m sort of exploring different name tags that we’re all tempted to wear in our lives,” he said of the book.

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