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CNN commentator accuses WH staffers of white supremacy, gets into a shouting match

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CNN political commentator Symone Sanders said in response to President Donald Trump’s comments today on the Charlottesville, Virginia, violence this weekend, “Now I need his words to line up with his actions.” One protester died, and 19 were injured when Alex Fields Jr. allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of people after white supremacists and Black Lives Matter demonstrators clashed.

Sanders' criteria for action requires that Trump expel White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka from his administration on the grounds that both espouse white supremacy like the inaptly named "Unite the Right" demonstrators at the heart of the violence.

Chris Salcedo said on “The Chris Salcedo Show” today that Sanders is making these statements without evidence. To his knowledge, neither man has been found to say anything racist or indicative of white supremacy, but this narrative exists because the left can do no wrong and the right can do no right.

“These people need to be called out. … consistently and forcefully,” he said, when they make accusations without evidence. Sanders later got into a shouting match with former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli where he told her to shut up after being interrupted repeatedly.

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