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Colorado communities sue energy companies for climate change -- the reason will surprise you

(Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Energy Indepth's Rebecca Simons joined Jacki in this episode of "The Jacki Daily Show" to give us the scoop on the latest in growing trend of frivolous climate lawsuits against energy companies in this country.

Washington DC law firms have been hired by certain well-funded big green movement organizations such as the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (who by-the-way made their money in oil) and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, to sue energy companies across the country on the basis that they have caused climate change.

Boulder jumps on the climate lawsuit bandwagon

Several far-fetched lawsuits originating from national environmentalist groups are being pursued in Colorado following similar taxpayer-wasting initiatives in California and New York City. Most recently, city officials in Boulder, Colo. have announced plans to partner with a pro bono law firm from Washington DC to file suit against the state's fossil fuel industry for damages caused by climate change.

"There have been several different environmental activist lawyers that have swooped into Colorado, the latest out of Boulder," explained Simons. "Basically we have an unnamed Washington DC law firm who approached the Boulder City Council and offered to take up a case pro bono ... and sue energy companies claiming that they owe for damages of climate change. And that's not the only case that's out here like that...."

Simons goes on to mention the "Our Children’s Trust case" and another in Lafayette, Colo. Read more in Simon's article here. And last month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against the state for “personhood rights” for the Colorado River.

Because rivers are people, too

"I have seen some crazy theories," said Jacki. "Environmentalists were arguing that the environment, like rivers and mountains, should have "personhood" under the law .... And, by the way, defining personhood and who can be a citizen and who isn't, and who can be protected under the law and who's not, these are critically important issues that are inherent in a sovereign government. These are not small matters."

Listen to the podcast clip above to hear more or find the entire episode here.

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