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Communists treat everyone equally? This restaurant gives discounts that would enrage feminists

Mike Opelka

China is a nation that purports to treat all its citizens equally, but the Hangzhou mall restaurant Trendy Shrimp is doling out discounts on food for the least equal reason of all.

Posters put up on August 1 offering lower prices for larger bra cup sizes were taken down recently after locals complained the discount scheme was "vulgar" and "discriminatory towards women."

General manager Lan Shenggang, however, reports his sales rose 20 percent during the promotion. He also said most girls were quite proud to display their natural assets for less expensive meals.

Mike Opelka wondered on Monday's "Pure Opelka" if a heavy set man would receive a similar discount. He also tried to imagine how such a policy would go over in the United States.

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