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Doc Thompson tells the mainstream media: Blast the IRS, not Donald Trump

Doc Thompson
Sign on IRS headquarter building in downtown Washington, DC

Despite the fact that MSNBC host Rachel Maddow's "scoop" Tuesday night revealing part of President Donald Trump's 2005 tax return fell flat, CNN and MSNBC continued to lead with the non-story Wednesday morning. On "The Morning Blaze," host Doc Thompson asked why the networks would continue to hype a report revealing Trump paid "only" 25 percent in federal taxes.

"That's more than [Bernie] Sanders, Mitt Romney, [Barack] Obama, any of these people. Now you may make the claim that he also made more or whatever — doesn't matter," Thompson exclaimed. "That's all they have and if you don't like it, change the tax code, don't attack Trump for it."

Thompson wondered what would have happened if the tax return had showed that Trump paid 78 percent in taxes. How would the mainstream media have spun that scenario?

But Thompson noted that the real problem isn't Trump's taxes or the media's coverage of the tax return. The real problem, he said, is the IRS. "If you're out there blasting Trump today, I ask you, where are you blasting the IRS — not just the tax code but the IRS? Remember them targeting the Tea Parties?"

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