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‘Dream cheating,’ ‘food cheating’: How do you define betrayal in a relationship?
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‘Dream cheating,’ ‘food cheating’: How do you define betrayal in a relationship?

People consider different things to be “cheating” in a relationship. Is it cheating if you ignore your partner’s advice but accept it from someone else? What about watching your favorite TV show with them? Worst of all, what if they have a bad day and call someone else instead of you? “The Morning Blaze” guys discussed some unusual definitions of infidelity on Monday’s show.

Compiled thanks to Reddit users, the list of “non-cheating acts that people still consider a betrayal” included commissioning a project from your significant other’s professional competition and “time cheating,” or using your time to daydream about doing things on your own instead of spending time with your partner.

In the Netflix age, a major betrayal is watching the next episode without your significant other when you had planned to watch a show together. Another issue is takeout: Did you stop to get food – and only buy enough for yourself?

“Dream-cheating” can get you in trouble even if you weren’t the one dreaming. “An exgf caught me cheating in her dream,” one Reddit user wrote. “Woke me up at 3am to argue with me. This is no joke.”

“The Morning Blaze” guys agreed that using someone other than your spouse as a confidante is a definite act of infidelity. When you have a bad day, do you instinctively call your partner or do you confide in someone else?

“That’s the gateway to full cheating right there,” Kris Cruz said emphatically.

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